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Why do you need to choose the Afam Arts Institute?

Afam Art Institute has been established with such motivations as enhancing the knowledge levels and public insights, sublimation of the country’s culture and art, promotion and promulgation of the original Iranian art and culture based on the cultural and artistic goals stipulated in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s constitution and in adherence to the country’s statutory provisions and criteria governing the establishments and in accordance to the specifications and conditions predicted in the written charter and also with the slogan that “Sure We Can”.

“Afam Arts”, as the only institution of newly-constructed ideas (startups), is working in Iran with an approach to the applied arts. The main approach of the complex is practicality-oriented arts. Applied arts include the application of designing and aesthetical considerations with the goal of efficiency and routine use whereas the fine arts play a role parallel to the arousal of viewers’ intellect or academic sensitivities.

Applied arts blend the creative design and ideals with applicability intentions; such as cup, journal or ornamental bench in a park. Applied arts and ornamental arts overlap in considerable parts of their areas and these two expressions are somewhat interchangeably used.

Industrial designing, graphical designing, fashion designing, interior designing, ornamental art and functional art areas are enumerated amongst applied arts. In regard of the creative and/or abstract arts, architecture and photography are considered as the applied arts. In fact, by applied arts, those arts are intended that their functions and usefulness are in the first degree of importance and the objective in creating them has been their application.





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