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Afam Events

Everyone Has a Right to Choose

Cultural-Art Afam institute, “Afam Events”, a subsystem of “Afam Art Institution’s Holdings”, was established in 2012 by the efforts of a group of the Iranian professors and statesmen. With its slogan of “everyone has a right to choose”, the system founded a well-equipped secretariat for the entire scientific and business events and it has been able to assemble an effective, dynamic and successful secretariat with the inter-organizational and extra-organizational collaborations.
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Afam News

Be Up to Date

Afam News Agency "Afam News", is the first nongovernmental news agency with an identity of applied arts in Iran. Its patent was granted in 2013 by the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Promotion to the Holdings Department of Afam Art Institution.

Afam Design

The World is Designed

The advertisement and declaration center of “Afam design” has been established based on science, industry and art on the universal design day with the slogan of “the world has been designed” and it started its activities in 2014. Taking advantage of Iran and the world’s state-of-the-art knowledge has been able to respond to the customers’ design needs in a professional manner.

Know More About Applied Arts

The applied arts are all the arts that apply design and decoration to everyday objects in order to make them aesthetically pleasing. The term is used in distinction to the fine arts that produce objects solely to be beautiful or stimulate the intellect. In practice, the two often overlap.