AFAM Institutions Holding

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The holdings of AFAM institutions began its activities in 2011. This collection, with more than 4 main subsidiaries including organizing domestic and international events, website and graphic design, practical art news, and publishing books by professors, has been able to meet significant needs of its audience in these areas. The use of young and enthusiastic employees along with creative ideas is one of the strategies of this collection. Along with these young people, prominent and experienced university professors can also play an effective role in promoting the goals of the collection.

“AFAMarts” has started its activities in the field of practical arts as the only startup institution with a practical arts approach in Iran. The main approach of this collection is focused on practical arts, which through design and aesthetics aims to improve functionality and everyday use. While fine arts are used to stimulate intellectual and academic sensitivities, practical arts seek to combine creative design and ideals with the concept of usability, such as decorative park benches, cups or magazines. A significant portion of the field of practical arts and decorative arts are interconnected, and to some extent, these two terms are interchangeable.
Industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, interior design, decorative arts, and performing arts can be considered as practical arts. In the field of creative or abstract art, architecture and photography are also considered as practical arts. In fact, practical arts are arts that prioritize their function and usefulness, and their main purpose is practical use.