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Afam News is considered to be the first non-governmental news agency with the identity of Iran’s applied arts, whose license was given to Afam Arts Institute Holding in 2013. Afam news agency, using the capital of thought, honesty and relying on the power, creativity, innovation of young artists and art scholars in 2013 with the aim of providing accurate, timely and comprehensive information on a trial basis and on April 26 of the same year, coinciding with World Art Day He officially entered the field of information. The main mission of this news media since its establishment until now is to play the role of academics and industrialists in the development of the country’s media environment and to promote scientific, cultural, social, economic, artistic and professional awareness with a scientific, industrial, academic, and student perspective and to form a link between officials and elites. And people have been.

  • Video Games: This section provides news, reviews, latest developments, and events related to the video game industry and game publishers.

  • Daily News: This section covers the latest news of the day, urgent and important events, global political, economic, and social developments.

  • Events: This section is dedicated to cultural, artistic, musical, film and cinema events, exhibitions, conferences, and events around the world.

  • Lifestyle: This section provides articles on fashion, beauty, health, cooking, travel, and lifestyle tips and solutions.

  • Film and Theater: This section includes news, reviews, articles, and interviews related to the film and theater industry, including information about new movies, top actors, awards, and relevant events.

  • Science and Technology: This section provides news, achievements, developments, and innovations in various fields of science and technology, including space, robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and other related areas.

  • Books and Magazines: This section covers reviews, introductions, and articles related to books, prominent authors, literary publications, and magazines.

  • Music: This section features news, reviews, articles, and interviews related to the music industry, including new albums, top artists, concerts, and music events.

  • English: The English section provides resources and materials for English language users, including news, articles, research, and other topics related to various subjects.

By providing these categories, AFAMnews, as a multimedia platform, covers all aspects related to art, culture, and other areas of interest, providing its readers with a unique opportunity to access up-to-date and interesting information. AFAMnews offers its readers a unique opportunity to have a closer look at the lives, works, and behind-the-scenes of top artists through exclusive interviews with prominent artists, industry figures, and reputable critics. In addition, the diverse art reviews and articles published on this platform help art enthusiasts stay up-to-date with the daily art world and have a deeper understanding of art trends, developments, and events.
AFAMnews emphasizes public awareness of art and seeks to introduce audiences to various types of art and techniques through comprehensive and engaging reports. This platform acts as a direct link between artists, experts, and art enthusiasts, providing opportunities for interactions and information exchange in this field. By focusing on international art events, AFAMnews acts as a global art community that connects artists, enthusiasts, and commentators from around the world. This platform introduces art as a powerful and unifying global language that unites international communities through collaboration, cooperation, and exchange of ideas in the field of art.
By providing comprehensive and engaging news, articles, and analyses, AFAMnews plays an important role in promoting global art culture and invites the art community to a dynamic and inspiring art world. This platform provides an opportunity for all art enthusiasts, from professional artists to amateurs, to share their interests, creativity, and ideas, strengthening and promoting the art community.