Everyone has the right to choose

Afam events were founded by a group of Iranian professors and art friends in 2004 from the sub-sets of the holding “Afam Art Institutes”. With the motto “everyone has the right to choose”, this group has built an equipped secretariat for all scientific and commercial events and has been able to assemble an efficient, successful and dynamic secretariat with inter-organizational and extra-organizational cooperation. The experience of setting up joint events between AfamEvents and public and private organizations within and outside the border in recent years has confirmed that any professional work can achieve a great result by collaborating and measuring the abilities of the parties. The subsets of Afam events consist of four sections: conference, workshop, festival and exhibition, each of which is used for a purpose.

The secretariat of the event is an institution above all the members of the event, which can supervise and intervene in all the current affairs of the events. Therefore, creating scientific and practical solutions for these members and having the upper independent decision-making power at each stage of the work can be an effective way to advance or eliminate one or more stages of the event.

In addition, AFAMevents include film festivals, temporary art exhibitions and other artistic activities that create a closer connection between artists, art enthusiasts and audiences. These events provide an opportunity for discussion and constructive criticism about art, ultimately helping to promote art and develop the art industry in society.
By organizing and managing various artistic events, Afaam creates a space for communication and interaction between artists, art enthusiasts and the artistic community. This space allows artists to express their creativity, showcase their artwork and share their artistic experiences in a dynamic and energizing environment.
Afaam focuses on organizing and managing various cultural and artistic events. By holding exhibitions, concerts, theater performances and other artistic events, this organization provides an opportunity for artists and art enthusiasts to become familiar with new artworks and share their artistic experiences in a dynamic environment. Additionally, Afaam organizes design conferences, fashion festivals and online educational workshops during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Indeed, fashion festivals and events are also important events organized by Afaam. These festivals provide an opportunity for fashion designers, makeup artists and models to showcase the latest inventions and creative works in the fashion industry, and provide a unique experience for fashion enthusiasts.
Given the special circumstances that have arisen, Afaam has also considered organizing online educational workshops. These workshops are held virtually and provide individuals with the opportunity to acquire new skills in the field of art and design, learn new techniques, and become familiar with the up-to-date art industry. These workshops provide an excellent opportunity for educational connections and collaboration in the online space during the COVID-19 pandemic, where face-to-face meetings are limited.
Indeed, in order to create a global and extensive experience in AFAMevents, prominent and international speakers have been invited from various countries. Some of the invited speakers come from Brazil, Italy, France, Germany, China, South Korea, Japan, and Australia, and work in various fields of art and culture. From industrial designers, graphic designers, fashion designers, architects, photographers, and sound and music artists, all of them will be present at AFAMevents. Top international speakers will share their experiences and perspectives in the field of art with their peers. These speeches extensively discuss the global artistic trends, creative methods and solutions in art, the impact of art on different societies, and various cultural experiences.
The presence of international speakers from these countries turns AFAMevents into a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and familiarity with global artistic diversity. These programs encourage artists and art enthusiasts to collaborate and work together at the international level, establishing new artistic relationships worldwide.
With the presence of international speakers from various countries, AFAMevents become a global cultural and artistic festival that connects artists, enthusiasts, and experts from all over the world. This unique opportunity for collaboration, cooperation, and idea exchange at the international level leads to introducing art as a powerful and unifying global language.
The design conferences provide an opportunity for various designers and industry professionals to come together with analysts and enthusiasts in the field of design, to discuss recent trends, solutions and innovations in the design industry in a specialized environment.

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